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Bathroom Shower & Tub Surrounds


Kitchen Plus can be the wow factor into your bathroom remodel design. Our custom bathroom design experts can help you select attractive and versatile materials for your shower and tub surrounds.

Bathroom Tile

Versatile, beautiful, and enduring, tile can be used for multiple applications ranging from bathroom floors to bathroom countertops or surrounds. The perfect match of tile in a new bathroom remodel can make the whole project come alive while adding value and that wow factor to your new bathroom.

Fiberglass & Acrylic Bathroom Tubs and Shower Pans

These manufactured products offer a range of features, shapes, and sizes to meet most custom bathroom design needs, and are typically available in multiple colors to coordinate with your space. Let your new tub or shower become the focus of your new bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Caddies

These little recesses in the walls of your bathroom shower or tub area are designed for storing grooming products such as soap and shampoo. These small accents can look great and help organize your new bathroom at the same time.

Cultured Stone / Solid Surfaces

Cost effective materials well suited for countertops or shower/bath walls. Our bathroom design experts help you find cost effective materials well suited for bathroom countertops or shower/bath walls. These products also offer the benefit of being very easy to care for and clean. Cultured Stone can also be custom fabricated for shower pans to meet unique bathroom design requirements.

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