Kitchen Designers in Everett

Are you looking for an experienced kitchen designer in Everett? Then Kitchen Plus is the company that is right for you. We provide services to meet your needs to remodel your kitchen. We know that your kitchen matters to you, and your kitchen matters to our team of professionals too. Our mission is to give you the kitchen you have always wanted and that you deserve.  

Kitchen Plus has the latest styles and trends to transform your kitchen and your home. Your home is a place you love and that you can host parties for family and friends. Instead of stressing over the lack of functionality for your kitchen, Kitchen Plus can help you to transform your current kitchen.  

When we first meet for our free in-house consultation, we will begin with the planning process. During this time, you can cast your vision to us and any customization you want. We will also assist you with how the kitchen remodeling process works and the intricacies of what we do as a company. Our expert designers will review your home and then develop a prototype of your new kitchen. We will develop a detailed plan to capture all of your requirements. Proper planning is the first step to creating the kitchen you have always wanted.  

Our kitchens stand the test of time! Kitchen Plus has tackled hundreds of projects of varying sizes. That is why we guarantee that the final viewing of your kitchen will make you stand in amazement. Working with one of our kitchen designers in Everett is a great start. Call Kitchen Plus at your earliest convenience by dialing (866) 575-2128. Let us schedule your free in-home consultation.