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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Accessories


Kitchen Plus offers a huge selection of kitchen cabinet accessories for the custom kitchen cabinet design of your dreams. It’s not always all about the cabinets but also what goes inside them and around them to make the kitchen both attractive and more functional.

Cabinet Lazy Susans

This convenient kitchen cabinet space saver comes in a number of different varieties and shapes to fit into any shape of the corner cabinet. Helping you better utilize your cabinet space and organize at the same time.

Kitchen Drawer Inserts

Neatly organize your utensils, cutlery, and spices to get the best use out of your drawer space. We offer a number of custom kitchen drawer accessories that will make your life easier and your new custom kitchen design beautiful.

Custom Wine Racks

Customize your own kitchen wine rack or wine cellar. This custom kitchen addition can not only help you organize small or large amounts of wine but it adds character and value to your kitchen that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Outs

Short on storage space? We offer a number of cabinet pull out accessories that are designed for your convenience to reduce clutter and save space in your new custom kitchen.

Trash & Recycle

Side, bottom, top, & door mount options available in wire wood and chrome frames.

Custom Dish Drawers

Easy glide out custom kitchen drawers and custom dish organizers make it easy to store pots, pans and dishes. These custom kitchen accessories will not only help you stay organized and add value to your home but will be sure to impress your friends.

Kitchen Pantry Accessories

So many ways to customize and organize your kitchen pantry, cabinets and closets. Let our knowledgeable staff help you create the perfect kitchen accessories to fit your needs.

Really Cool Kitchen Stuff

(Even if you don’t need it!) These fun and helpful kitchen accessories really kick up the volume of your custom kitchen design and are sure to impress.

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