Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling In Marysville

Are you ready to update your home with a team that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Marysville? Kitchen Plus is prepared to assist you. We can handle every step of the remodeling process with professional designers and artisans, so you get the look you want for your home at a competitive price. Not only does updating the look of your home create a more aesthetically pleasing and contemporary space, but it adds to the value of your property.

When you hire our team to remodel your kitchen, you get swiftness and precision that general contractors cannot generally offer. If you need new cabinetry our counters cut, we can have it done within a few days instead of a contractor that can take potentially weeks to do the same job. We can also keep you safe from injury with professional installation and updating of your fixtures. When you hire a skilled team to remodel your kitchen, you can relax and know you’re in good hands.

The modern bathroom should offer more in amenities, and contemporary designs reflect this sentiment. We can do more than update your counter space, walls, or flooring when we update your bathroom: we can add spa-like amenities like heated flooring, custom bathtubs or showers, and even reconfigure your plumbing if you want to move your sink or other fixtures. The average return on investment of a bathroom remodel comes in at a whopping 60%, so it is well worth it to invest in a room you use every day.

Ready to update the look and feel of your home? When you need kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Marysville, the experts at Kitchen Plus are ready to step in and lend a hand. For more information on our services or to schedule your free, in-home consultation, give us a call today at (866) 575-2128.