Custom Bathroom Cabinets In Mercer Island

At some point, your bathroom will require an update to maintain its functionality and to upgrade to a more modern look. Upgrading your bathroom may seem like a hassle, but you have options. Do you need more information on bathroom remodeling, including custom bathroom cabinets in Mercer Island? Kitchen Plus is available to turn your bathroom into the masterpiece and oasis you have wanted.

With customized cabinets, it is possible to have a newer looking bathroom, gain more organization, and keep the same layout to your bathroom. It is even possible for us to resurface your cabinets and add customizations. Cabinet resurfacing starts with the reinforcement of your current cabinet framework with plywood. An application veneer of laminate or real wood over the plywood is added, and then the customized transformation takes place. Everything will be completed to give your bathroom a seamless look, and the small details that are added to complete the look are your choice of hinges, pulls or knobs, and molding is added to the cabinets.

Kitchen Plus will walk you through the full process prior to the work being finalized in your bathroom. We start with the planning of your newly remodeled bathroom. Best of all, with Kitchen Plus, we discuss your budget, so you get the most out of your bathroom while it all remaining affordable.

Update your cabinets and add value to your home, while increasing your bathroom’s usability. There is no better time than now to update your bathroom from its old look to sleek and modern. Find out more about our custom bathroom cabinets in Mercer Island provided by Kitchen Plus. Contact Kitchen Plus by calling one of our friendly staff members at (866) 575-2128.