Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Lake Stevens

Changing up your bathroom is far more than a new trash bin or a mat. A real bathroom transformation may mean adding greater functionality.  There are benefits to adding new custom bathroom cabinets in Lake Stevens in your home. The benefits can range from adding organization through the cabinets to enjoying the beautiful newness a remodeling job can produce. Also, when updating one’s bathroom, the home will gain added value. What a great bonus! Let one of our designers discuss the possibilities with you.

Kitchen Plus stands firm in our artistry, as we guarantee our work, with longevity in mind. We complete each installation, taking details into account; this way our clients can rely on our work for years to come. With years in the home renovation industry, we always make sure that our clients are the main priority. We discuss all options and how to mix the needs of the client with the outcome of the new bathroom. There are several choices one can make when it comes to the bathroom changes. However, one thing will remain the same. We ensure to complete every task with high standards and at an affordable rate. We work with our clients to find out how everything can fit within one’s budget.

We want you to realize the functionality and beauty of your bathroom. Along with new features and updates, such as custom bathroom cabinets in Lake Stevens, your bathroom can be enjoyed for years to come. Contacting Kitchen Plus can get you on the path of reviving your bathroom. We begin our process with a free in-home consultation. You can set that into motion by calling our office at (866) 575-2128.