Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Kent

Have you fallen out of love with your bathroom? You deserve a bathroom that you’ll love, where you can retreat and relax if necessary. The bathroom is a vital piece of any home, and now is the time to restore your bathroom and add functionality and organization for your everyday use. The place to start is adding custom bathroom cabinets in Kent. With Kitchen Plus, you can turn your drab bathroom into your favorite place in the house. Take the next steps so you can start the journey to falling in love with your bathroom again.

Custom cabinets can become costly and seem out of reach if you are trying to install them on your own. Instead, you can have a master designer who understands the full design process helps guide you through remaking your bathroom. You may start with just the cabinets, but we can also do a complete remodeling of the bathroom, which includes the lighting, flooring, installation of a new toilet and shower. We work to make it all up to your vision and what you choose. Kitchen Plus offers free in-home consultations too.  It all begins with reaching out to our skilled team at Kitchen Plus to discuss your options and review your existing bathroom.

You have the power of choice when it comes to your newly re-created bathroom. Choose your custom bathroom cabinets in Kent by working with us here at Kitchen Plus. Don’t go at it alone while upgrading your bathroom. Trust us as your source to plan, implement, and execute your bathroom remodeling project. We can create your bathroom based on your requests and specifications. Contact Kitchen Plus at 866-575-2128 and get your bathroom remodeling project started today.