Cabinet Refacing in Kent

Have you been dreaming of an update to your kitchen? It doesn’t take much to upgrade your existing kitchen and modernize it, and you can start with cabinet refacing in Kent. Cabinet refacing is a fraction of the cost compared to a full kitchen remodeling job. You can remodel your kitchen while maintaining and utilizing your current cabinets and redoing the surface. Allow Kitchen Plus to walk you through the cabinet refacing process!

Cabinet refacing comes with a multitude of options, and Kitchen Plus is here to answer your questions. We specialize in kitchens and home renovation projects, including cabinet refacing. Don’t go at it alone when it comes to your kitchen remodeling project. Instead, you can trust a local company with years of experience. When it comes to the process of cabinet refacing, we know how to manage the project to get you back to your kitchen sooner.

We remove your cabinets and then update it with natural wood veneer or laminate, based on your decision, add new door hinges, and drawer fronts are installed. We go over the fixtures you can be selected, and this gives you the ability to bring your unique style to your kitchen remodeling project. If you have customizations or optional accessories that you want to have added, we can complete that request as well.

Get started on your new kitchen project today. Are you achieve the look in your kitchen that you want? With Kitchen Plus, we have the skills and ability to get you the new look you want for your kitchen. Reach out to our professionals to find out if cabinet refacing in Kent is right for you. We can be reached by calling (866) 575-2128.