Cabinet Refacing in Redmond

New cabinets with a modern kitchen renovation can rack up a bill quickly. If you want to remain in budget, yet spruce up your kitchen, then consider cabinet refacing in Redmond. You won’t have to wait the same length of time when it comes to cabinet refacing. Best of all, with Kitchen Plus we can help you plan to stay within budget and refresh your kitchen’s look at the same time.

Kitchen Plus takes pride in proper planning and our Five-Step Process. With the planning phase, you will be able to get an idea of what your new kitchen will look like. We listen to your needs and concerns in order to provide you with the kitchen you want. Whether you are looking to make additions to your kitchen, but want to retain the same layout, then cabinet refacing may be a good option for your home.

This includes measuring your cabinets and determining the amount of veneer that will be required. We ensure that the correct sizes and quantities are established so that we can get to work expediently. Our workers will apply the veneer to the cabinet faces and on any cabinet ends that are exposed, then mount the cabinets back as they once were. Typically cabinet refacing is half the time as kitchen remodeling. We want you to get back to normal living for your kitchen. With cabinet refacing, you can get back to your normal routine quicker.

Are you ready to get started with a new look in your kitchen? Let’s discuss your options. If you have been considering cabinet refacing in Redmond, then don’t wonder any longer. Contact Kitchen Plus by calling (866) 575-2128. We want to help you achieve your ideal kitchen.