Cabinet Refacing in Marysville

Are you looking to redesign your kitchen and cabinets? You can customize your kitchen by starting a cabinet resurfacing project. Cabinet refacing in Marysville can give you a look in your kitchen you want, all without going over budget. Kitchen Plus will help you to plan a sturdy budget and how much your cabinet refacing remodeling project may cost. The imagination of a modernized kitchen can become real on the other side of cabinet refacing.

Kitchen Plus offers services that can get you the new kitchen you want. One of those services is cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is the process of giving your cabinets a facelift. We add an overlay to the old cabinets by adding ¼ plywood-veneer. Then the new material is added to the cabinet. You can select the new look of your cabinet, including the color, finishes, and fixtures so that you can bring new life to your kitchen. The best part of the kitchen remodeling process with Kitchen Plus is that you end up in control through the whole time. We want to bring your style to reality, and we can discuss the choices you have with our company.

Begin your kitchen renovation project with Kitchen Plus. We will guide you through the full process and discuss how cabinet resurfacing in Marysville may be right for you. We can help you with the entire project, from planning, designing, to add the new overlay on your cabinet, we do it all. We want you to have the kitchen space you have been yearning for. Find out how we can help your project. Contact one of our experienced kitchen designers at (866) 575-2128 to start your new renovation.