Cabinet Refacing in Maple Valley

Cabinet refacing in Maple Valley can afford you a better-looking kitchen without exceeding your intended budget. There is no need to sacrifice quality for cost or vice versa. Don’t push pause on your new kitchen. Now is the time to transform the interior of your home, starting with the kitchen. There are a ton of services and options to get you a newer kitchen. Let Kitchen Plus guide you through the process and discuss how cabinet refacing may be right for you.

Your dreams of a modernized kitchen may be on the other end of a cabinet refacing project. Whatever your goals are, we will discuss them during the planning phase. We can provide you with a 3D rendering so that you can have a visual of what your kitchen may end up looking like. We can go over what your vision is and how to bring it to life with your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Cabinet refacing is a process of upgrading your cabinets with a facelift. We add an overlay to your old cabinets with ¼ plywood first. Then we add the new material of your choice over the old cabinet structure. During this process, you are in full control of the new look of your cabinets. You can mix and match the colors and patterns and knob finishes for your cabinets.

The best part of cabinet refacing in Maple Valley is that Kitchen Plus can complete this request for you at a fraction of the cost of traditional kitchen remodeling. When you are looking for a trustworthy company that can handle your request, then Kitchen Plus is the option. Call the office of Kitchen Plus by dialing (866) 575-2128.