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Tips For Hiring Professional Kitchen & Bathroom Design Consultants In SeaTac

When you know that you have a remodeling project on the horizon, you need to determine who will take charge of the execution of the plan. At Kitchen Plus, we have professional kitchen & bathroom design consultants in SeaTac that can make sure everything goes exactly as you want it. The last thing you want to do is settle for a lesser consultant as a way to save money. We will be happy to discuss your budget and make sure that we provide the results you deserve.

Some top tips to keep in mind while you are looking for a kitchen or bathroom design consultant include:

  • Begin with the Designer – When it comes to hiring any sort of a professional consultant, you need to take the time to find the right person or team for the job. For experienced bath and kitchen designs, the consultant needs to be able to translate your ideas into a design that either meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Go Over the Costs and Timeframe – The best consultants will give you an estimated timeline even before the project starts. You also need to know everything that is going to be covered and what is not. Will your fixtures or appliances be extra? What will happen if issues arise?
  • Always Check Credentials – Ensuring that your candidates have a solid understanding of kitchen or bathroom design is a must. Simply working with a cabinetry salesperson is not enough. You need someone for the project that has extensive experience or specialized training with kitchen and bath designs so that you know you are getting the best.
  • Start Drawing Up a Plan – Take some time to layout the dimensions of your existing space and put together a bit of a mock-up of what you would like. This will allow your potential designer to understand the scope of the project and how to proceed.

When you talk with us at Kitchen Plus, we will gather some information over the phone and then set up a time to have a consultant visit your home. We are happy to offer a free, in-home consultation so that we can learn more about your space and what you are planning on completing.

Tip: It always helps us if we have some visuals of what it might be that you are looking for. Never be afraid to gather some photos online of kitchens and bathrooms in the style that you love. When we put this together with the dimensions of the space and determine your budget, it will give our team a clear picture of the best way to proceed.

Kitchen Plus wants to talk with you about your ideas. Call us at (866) 575-2128 to speak to professional kitchen & bathroom design consultants in SeaTac.

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