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Determining The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets In Redmond

Determining The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets In Redmond

Once it is time to plan out a kitchen remodeling project, one of the more significant elements you need to think about will be the cabinetry. Many people do not realize the cost of kitchen cabinets in Redmond until they start with the budget for their upcoming project. Our team here at Kitchen Plus is happy to work with you so that you can easily plan out your new kitchen cabinets and factor them into your overall remodeling plan.

When you decide it is time to update the cabinets in your kitchen, you have a unique opportunity to refresh the appearance of your home. Most families spend a reasonable amount of time in their kitchens, so having cabinets that are functional and easy-to-use is vital.

Fact: With new kitchen cabinets in your remodeling plan, you have the potential to recoup approximately 70% of the cost should you decide to sell your house.

Generally speaking, standard kitchen cabinets can come in at about $160 to around $380 per linear foot. This will depend on the kind of cabinetry that you are looking to have installed. For example, if you go with custom cabinets, you may find a price that is closer to $500 up to $1,500 per linear foot. These are all numbers that we are ready and available to discuss with you when we start helping you to plan out your new kitchen cabinets.

Once you call Kitchen Plus, you set into motion a detailed process that we have perfected throughout our years in the business. We will come in to take measurements of your kitchen, taking note of all of the fixtures and appliances in the room, along with windows and other features. Standard cabinets are the same size, but we can help you fully maximize your space with the help of custom cabinet design and installation.

We can discuss custom cabinet options like:

  • Wall cabinets, which are designed to hang over your countertops
  • Base cabinets, which are made to support the countertops
  • Corner cabinets, which fit into the kitchen corners. In many situations, we can easily outfit the corner cabinets with a pull-out trash holder or a lazy susan to get the most use of the space
  • Utility or specialty cabinets, which act as broom closets or pantries, often designed in a narrow, tall fashion

Along with the design selection and layout, we will help you determine which materials and features you are after. We also have countless hardware options that allow you to add the perfect finishing touch to all of your kitchen cabinets.

Let Kitchen Plus help you work out the cost of kitchen cabinets in Redmond. Call us today at (866) 575-2128 and we can set up a consultation.

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