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Achieve Unique, Beautiful Results With A Custom Cabinet Design Company In Mercer Island

Achieve Unique, Beautiful Results With A Custom Cabinet Design Company In Mercer Island

Have you been thinking about new cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room? If so, then hiring a custom cabinet design company in Mercer Island is a great way to get unique, high-quality results.

You could always buy stock cabinets when they are on sale or paint your old cabinets, but they are not going to be the best option if you want a long-term investment that adds value to your home. One of the many reasons that custom cabinets are so popular is because they are truly worth it.

These are the top four reasons why going the custom route is always an excellent choice when it is time for new cabinets:

  1. Selection – With the customization process comes countless options for fitting in with your needs and your unique style. Kitchen Plus can talk with you about your ability to select the style, wood, finish, and the hardware to customize your cabinets. We will also go over the height, width, depth, and location to help you optimize functionality. With such an unlimited range of combinations, stock cabinets simply cannot compare.
  2. High-Quality – From start to finish, all of the custom cabinetry that we create at Kitchen Plus is made to last. Some stock cabinetry is lower quality, which translates into a shorter lifespan and the potential for issues like warping or shifting over time. We provide custom cabinets made from only the finest materials, then installed with precision for optimum results.
  3. Exact Fit – Space is a commodity, so you never want to waste a single inch of it. You will never have any wasted space with our custom cabinets. We design them to fit into your bathroom or kitchen to your exact dimensions, which is something you cannot get with stock cabinets. We make sure that you have the ability to fully maximize your space for an increase in enjoyment and livability.
  4. Value – If you are thinking of selling your home at some point, custom cabinets have the ability to increase your property value. We can talk with you about custom kitchens that will add a wow factor just right for bringing in buyers in the future.

Kitchen Plus has perfected our custom cabinet design and build process. We utilize a three-step fastening system and every cabinet is crafted for maximum durability and long-term strength. From start to finish, we put our heart and soul in each cabinet project that we take on – and it shows.

Do you want custom cabinets? Call Kitchen Plus at (866) 575-2128 to learn about our custom cabinet design company in Mercer Island.

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