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Hire A Luxury Bathrooms Designer In Lake Stevens To Stay On-Trend


Hire A Luxury Bathrooms Designer In Lake Stevens To Stay On-Trend

You may look online and pin your favorite bathrooms and various ideas, but do you have what it takes to design the ultimate bathroom for your home? Instead of second-guessing all of your choices, you can take the initiative of hiring a luxury bathrooms designer in Lake Stevens to get the stunning results you are hoping for.

Think about any time you have stayed in a luxurious hotel and the feeling that you get when enjoying all of the amenities of the bathroom. These spaces are well-appointed and come with the best features available on the market today. In many cases, these bathrooms make you feel as though you have walked into a personal spa within your own home. When you hire the right designer for the bathrooms in your home, you can get very similar results.

Invisible Shower Stalls

While an invisible shower stall may not be invisible, it is the design of a seamless glass enclosure that comes with shower floors that are barrier-free that give off the illusion. Often referred to as infinity showers, this is a design that is very popular with many homeowners. We often see a lot of projects for the bathtub to shower conversions where the homeowners are looking for the same result.


With a minimalist design, the overall look and feel are efficient, simple, and clean. These designs are also crafted with a focus that leans toward function, and you have incredible innovations for saving space at the same time. A minimalist bathroom will usually include beautiful floating vanities as well as wall-mounted toilets and hidden storage to keep the clutter out of sight.



Stone and wood are just a few of the unique materials that we see quite often with bathroom trends. Homeowners are drawn to the earthy and raw look that wood provides, and our team can go over options like pine and oak to create what you envision. We also work with stone or slate accents to bring on a sophisticated, fresh look to guest baths or master bathroom suites.


A few strategic accents can go a long way for bringing the look of any room together. Wallpaper accents are quickly coming back into fashion with bathroom designs. Instead of using wallpaper as a way to cover the entire room, you can think of using it as an accent wall or even pieces of wallpaper to decorate individual sections.

You could have the bathroom of your dreams with a luxury bathrooms designer in Lake Stevens. Call Kitchen Plus today at (866) 575-2128.

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