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Reap The Benefits Of Working With A Kitchen Remodeling Designer In Bothell



When was the last time that you looked on Pinterest or flipped through a magazine wishing that you had a completely different kitchen design? Hiring a reputable kitchen remodeling designer in Bothell will help you to get going on that kitchen project you have been dreaming of.

Anyone can tell you that designing a kitchen is a whole lot more than picking out new appliances and a few new materials. You will need to work on a layout and make sure that all of the electrical and plumbing configurations are exactly where they should be. Hiring professional kitchen designers will give you the advantage for picking out all of these pieces and bringing the whole project together so that you have a space you and your family will love and enjoy for years to come.

These are some of the benefits of hiring the pros:

Functionality – From more cabinets or additional workspace to a new layout for your kitchen trifecta, the professionals know how to make the most use of your space so that there is a new flow to the room.

Efficiency – The chances are good that the appliances you have in your kitchen are not up to date as far as efficiency standards. Something you can focus on with your kitchen remodel is making sure that you have the ability to improve efficiency with your lighting fixtures, appliances, and more.

Sustainability – When you do make a switch to appliances that are energy efficient and eco-friendly, you are essentially created a kitchen environment that is more sustainable. Low-flow faucets and salvaged or recycled materials for your countertops are just a few things you can discuss with your remodeling team.

At Kitchen Plus, our staff is ready to help! Contact us today to discuss these great benefits we bring to your remodeling project as well as the other ideas we have for your dream kitchen gathering space.

If you know you need a professional kitchen remodeling designer in Bothell, trust our staff at Kitchen Plus. Call (866) 575-2128 today for an appointment.

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