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Stay Clear of These Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Stay Clear of These Common Kitchen Design MistakesYour kitchen is just one room in your house, but it’s one of the most important. Your kitchen design near Seattle affects the way you use your kitchen and prepare your food, which is why you should be familiar with the mistakes to avoid during a kitchen remodel. The three most important fixtures and appliances in your kitchen are your sink, fridge, and stove, which create the kitchen work triangle. Make sure drawers and doors aren’t opening into each other, and don’t forget to focus on both aesthetics and functionality. Stay clear of these common kitchen design mistakes.

Forgetting About the Triangle

The three primary spaces in your kitchen that are necessary for food preparation are your sink, your fridge, and your stove. To make the most of your kitchen design, you need to think about the interaction between these three areas. Plan your layout so it’s easy to get from your sink to your stove, your fridge to your sink, and your stove to your fridge. This forethought will come to the rescue when you’re scrambling between different stations to prepare a big meal for the holidays.

Poor Use of Space

Try out every element of your kitchen design as you install it. This way you can tell if any doors or drawers will open into each other, and you should have time to make the necessary adjustments. Custom cabinets are excellent for saving space and reducing clutter.

Failing to Balance Fashion and Function

There’s a lot to kitchen design. When it’s done well, it will look great and make your kitchen more efficient and functional. Some people make the mistake of diving too far into one or the other, sacrificing function for fashion and vice versa. Your kitchen design should line up with the rest of your interior design in terms of the colors, patterns, and textures. It should also make it easy to use your kitchen, especially if there are multiple people in your home who like to cook. Follow through with your cosmetic ideas, but don’t forget to make your kitchen intuitive to use as well.

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