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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Vanity in Bellevue, WA

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom Vanity in Bellevue, WAYou have to think about quite a few factors if you want to find the perfect bathroom vanity near Seattle for your home, and if you have children, there are even more aspects to consider. Your bathroom furniture should be accessible to your kids, so think about how tall your vanity should be. Your bathroom design should make it easy for your child to bathe, take care of business, and practice dental hygiene, and a vanity with a different drawer for each family member can help. Granite countertops may be perfect for your design, but make sure the countertop is safe for children. Here’s more on the factors to consider when choosing a kid-friendly bathroom vanity.

Vanity Height

If you and your significant other are relatively short, you’ll probably want a bathroom vanity that is on the shorter side as well. This makes things easier when it comes to creating a kid-friendly bathroom design. Everyone who uses the bathroom should be able to look in the mirror, reach the sink, and access the toiletries they need. If you’re a taller person and your child is growing, then you might compromise by choosing an average height vanity but placing a step stool in front of it.

Drawers and Hardware

Your vanity will come with storage space of some kind, so choose one with vertically aligned drawers. The drawer that’s closest to the ground can be just for your child. It may contain extra soft toothbrushes, gentle dental flossers, a fun flavored toothpaste, and baby wipes. If your child is old enough to retrieve the items from this drawer, the knob or pull should be safe for kids. Ornamental cabinet and drawer hardware is sometimes abrasive to the touch, and you don’t want your children hurting themselves on the knobs.


Like the hardware on your drawers, your countertops could pose a hazard to your children. If your bathroom vanity includes a granite countertop with a lip that extends over the edge, make sure it’s rounded. A sharp edge can lead to serious accidents and injuries for your young ones.

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