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You might run through a thousand bathroom ideas near Seattle before you find the one that perfectly fits your home. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and going through your options to ensure that you make the right decision. If you’re debating between a single or double-sink vanity, think about your relationship status, the size of your space, and how many other bathrooms you have. These factors can point you in the right direction so you don’t spend too much money and can still enjoy a quality vanity. Read ahead and see if you should install a single or double-sink vanity for your master bath.

bathroom mirrors

If you want to get yourself off the fence and choose a vanity, start by considering your relationship status. When two people share the same bathroom, it can be nice for each one to have his or her own side. In this case, a double-sink makes things easy. If you are single and you need small bathroom ideas, on the other hand, there might not be any reason for you to have a double-sink vanity, and it could just end up wasting space. This is especially true if you have other bathrooms for people to use.

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