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If you’re planning to update your bathroom near Seattle to give it a more rustic appearance, then start by considering the countertop. After all, the bathroom vanity takes up a significant amount of visual space and is the focal point for many bathrooms.

soapstone countertop

When it comes to creating a rustic, old-world bathroom theme, soapstone may be the ideal natural stone material to use. Soapstone is an age-old building material that boasts a light gray color that sometimes darkens over time with exposure to oxygen. One of the greatest benefits that soapstone offers is that it doesn’t absorb liquids and therefore doesn’t need to be sealed. However, you can apply mineral oil to your countertop’s surface to enhance the look of the stone’s veining and natural hues. Although soapstone is a great choice for just about any style bathroom, its historical use as a heat-resistant kitchen material gives it a wonderful, old-world feel.

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