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man in kitchen

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a disability, you may be searching for ways to make your home more accessible and comfortable. A company that offers kitchen design and bathroom renovations near Seattle can pair you with an ADA certified designer who will help you choose the features and accessories that will be best for your home. By renovating your home with features that are oriented towards accessibility, you can ease your transition following the diagnosis. Let’s take a look at some kitchen design ideas that can help you to make your home more accessible.

Widen Kitchen Aisles and Walkways

The kitchen can be a tough place to negotiate for a person who experiences mobility limitations. When you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you may want to take the time to widen your kitchen aisles and walkways. A kitchen design that has been created with the dimensions of a wheelchair in mind will be much easier to navigate.

Lower Kitchen Countertops

If you have a beautiful granite countertop in your kitchen, you can preserve the beauty of your space, while also making it more accessible. A high kitchen countertop may prove to be inaccessible for a person who uses a wheelchair. With services from kitchen renovation team, you can lower your kitchen countertops so that they can be accessed by every member of your family.

Create Custom Cabinetry

As you are touring different kitchen designs that are geared towards improved accessibility, you may find that many of these spaces include custom cabinetry. Cabinets that are located high up off of your countertops might be inaccessible to a member of your family who uses a wheelchair. Custom cabinetry can be created that is lower to the ground and much easier to reach. If you have questions about accessibility renovations that may be appropriate for your home, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified design team that serves your local area.

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