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Top Trends in Kitchen Design in Bellevue, WA

Top Trends in Kitchen Design in Bellevue, WAA kitchen remodel should serve your home well for years to come, which means it’s important to avoid design trends that could soon fall out of fashion. If you’re gearing up for a kitchen remodel near Seattle, then keep reading to learn about design ideas that are popular now, but also timeless and practical.

White Kitchens

Using white elements in the kitchen is not a new concept, but the popularity of this design trend continues to grow. From cabinets and backsplashes to countertops and appliances, many homeowners are choosing to layer white shades and materials for their kitchen makeovers. Because of its clean and fresh look, the white kitchen trend has stood the test of time and has staying power.

Neutral Grays

If you’re unenthused about the idea of an all-white kitchen, then consider adding interest to the space using grays. Neutral gray palettes are in trend right now for kitchens and other areas of the home, and using these shades in your remodel allows you to add another visual feature to an otherwise white kitchen. If you feel that gray and white kitchen design is too stark, then think about adding pops of color to the space using a bright backsplash or bold light fixtures.

Quartz Countertops

When it comes to countertops, granite is an ever-popular material that can work in many design themes. However, if you’re ready to consider other options, then look no further than quartz. Countertops made from crushed quartz stone are currently on-trend, and these kitchen surfaces come in a huge range of colors and patterns—including some that resemble natural granite. Quartz countertops are also incredibly durable, offering great chip, burn, and scratch resistance.

Modern Technology

The lighting, appliance, and fixture options that are available today make it easy to add function and efficiency to your new kitchen design. Consider using LED lighting, touch-activated faucets, microwave drawers, and point-of-use refrigeration to reduce the energy consumption and increase the convenience of your new kitchen.

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