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Two Cooks in the Kitchen? Here’s How to Make It Work

Two Cooks in the Kitchen? Here’s How to Make It WorkWhen it comes to functional kitchen design, it’s essential to consider the number of cooks that may be using the space at the same time. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen in Seattle so that it comfortably accommodates two cooks, then consider the following tips:

Counterspace is crucial for making it work with two cooks, so you may want to include a large kitchen island in the design. However, remember to leave extra clearance between countertops, so that you can pass one another easily while you work.

Traffic is a major concern for two-cook kitchens. To help minimize traffic jams while you’re working together in the space, you may want to install a large refrigerator outside of the main work triangle. Additionally, more cooks means more need for cooking space, so consider opting for a six-burner cooktop instead of a standard four-burner stove. Finally, consider maximizing the function of your new kitchen design by incorporating separate work areas with their own countertops and sinks.

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