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Small kitchens can seem quaint at times, but they can become annoying and cramped soon enough. Thankfully, there are a few small kitchen ideas that can help visually expand your small kitchen near Seattle to appear much bigger than it is. You can install light-colored or glass kitchen cabinets, install recessed storage space, and choose attractive lighting. The following strategies are perfect ways to make your kitchen look bigger.

kitchen accessories

Choose Solid Colors

Light, neutral colors can make a small room look much larger than it is. Choose light-colored solids for your wall paint, kitchen cabinets, and countertops. Matching your cabinets with your walls eliminates visual barriers that can change people’s perception of your kitchen size. If you choose to install wooden cabinets, then you will have several stain and paint choices at your disposal.

Install Recessed Storage

Kitchen storage can take up a lot of available space and make your small kitchen appear even smaller. However, you can take advantage of space within your walls. Install recessed storage that is flush with the surrounding wall and minimize the amount of space that might be taken up by a china cabinet or pantry.

Use Ample Lighting

Your kitchen’s lighting is a crucial element of visually making the space look bigger. Bright and ample amounts of lighting eliminate shadows and dark corners that can make a small space appear smaller. Choose recessed lighting for short ceilings. Choose sleek and thin lighting if you have taller ceilings. This will retain the illusion of a bigger space.

Place Open Shelving

Dark and closed cabinets give the illusion of a dark, closed area that will make your kitchen feel very small. However, cabinets with glass or absent doors can visually open the area to appear bigger. Glass doors are a very popular addition in modern and minimalist kitchens. They will keep your dishware and kitchen storage protected from dust and pests, but they still allow you to showcase your taste and visually expand your kitchen.

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