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Kitchen Plus offers a multitude of kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom ideas for all your renovations. We will help you design, choose materials, and install the best products and accessories to complete your dream design for your Bellevue bathroom renovation. We show a variety of helpful organizers, storage solutions, and closet accessories for use in your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Here is a closer look at the different bathroom ideas you will find with Kitchen Plus:

bathroom design

  • Organizers of all types can be used in your bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, and closet areas. For example, trash cans, towel hampers, and ironing boards can all be discreetly hidden in cabinets.
  • You can utilize layered shelving in pull out drawers that would hold toiletries, makeup, and bathroom appliances.
  • Kitchen Plus will also help you design a custom bedroom or linen closet that features personalized storage space. You can organize and store extra shoes, towels, and jewelry in our customized storage accessories.

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