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There are many areas of your kitchen design that may be underutilized, such as the different corners. You may have unfilled cabinet space, dark and unused corners, or empty countertops in your Seattle kitchen. Instead of letting these areas go to waste, try out these clever ideas to make the most of your kitchen’s corners.

  • If your kitchen cabinets have empty spaces where they meet at the corners, then consider installing specialized storage solutions. Lazy Susans and specially-shaped drawers are popular storage solutions for corner cabinet space.
  • Consider installing a sink or range in these areas. You can preserve the straight edges of your kitchen for your countertops and cabinets and use the corners for meal preparation and cleanup.

The other corners of your kitchen can be used as a dining nook or for shelving storage. Hutches, built-in storage, or built-in seating and tables can be placed in the open corners of your kitchen.

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