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Renovating a Kids’ Bathroom in Bellevue, WA

Renovating a Kids’ Bathroom in Bellevue, WAThere are many bathroom ideas that can create a safe and fun children’s bathroom. You can cushion sharp corners and lower towel bars for easy reaching. You can also install colorful, nonslip bathroom tiles in your Bellevue bathroom to protect your children during bath time. Read on for more tips to create a safe and fun bathroom space for your children.

Tip #1: Choose Nonslip Flooring

Bathroom flooring can be one of the most hazardous areas of your children’s bathroom. Children may spill water and slip or slip while wearing their socks and running into the bathroom. Prevent these common accidents by choosing nonslip bathroom flooring. Vinyl sheets or ceramic bathroom tiles with matte finishes will be the best options for a safe bathroom. Vinyl will resist stains and damages, and ceramic tiles are attractive and moisture-resistant.

Tip #2: Install Childproof Features

There are several childproofing features to add around your home, including your bathroom. Ensure that all electrical outlets—including any that may be located in the bathroom cabinets—are blocked with covers or plugs. Keep your cabinets and toilet lid secure with childproof locks. This will ensure there are no hurt fingers or accidental electrical shocks.

Tip #3: Lower Towel Bars

Towel bars and grab bars should all be within reach of your children’s fingers. Install towel bars close to the bathtub or shower, so your children do not have to reach far for their towels. This can prevent accidental falls when exiting the bathtub or shower. Lowered grab bars in the shower can also prevent slips and falls.

Tip #4: Cushion Sharp and Hard Surfaces

Add cushions to sharp areas around the bathroom, such as the tub spout and edges of the bathroom vanity. Ensure that hard surfaces, like the flooring, are also cushioned in key areas around the bathroom. Bathroom mats can be set in front of bathroom vanities, toilets, and outside of the bathtub or shower.

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