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Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen in Bellevue, WA

Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen in Bellevue, WAKitchens come in many sizes, and there are several different design elements that can influence how each kitchen looks and feels. Open cupboards and reflective surfaces can make a small kitchen design in Seattle look bigger. However, dark colors and closed corners can make the same kitchen look even smaller. Let’s take a look at some design ideas to make your small kitchen look bigger after your kitchen remodel.

Install Open Cupboards

Openness is one of the design elements that can make a small kitchen look and feel bigger than it is. If you install large, open kitchen cabinets, then you can create the illusion of a bigger kitchen. Use this open quality to showcase attractive china, wineglasses, and décor. These pops of color will help brighten and open your kitchen remodel as well.

Use Bold Colors

Bold colors like dark red, blue, purple, or green can draw the eye to different areas of your kitchen. Determine your color scheme and pick one wall or one dominating feature to showcase your boldest color. This bold color should draw attention, but it does not need to be overbearing. For example, you can choose whites and beiges for your kitchen walls and put in accents of a brighter color throughout the space.

Install Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors are commonly used to reflect light to make a small room look larger. Mirrors are not commonly found in kitchens, but you can install reflective surfaces throughout the kitchen to create the illusion of space. Stone countertops are polished making them a perfect reflective surface, and your kitchen cabinets can have glass doors. Consider adding metallic tiles to your kitchen flooring or backsplash for more reflective surfaces.

Mix Materials

Using different materials is another way to mix up the look in your small kitchen and make it appear larger than it is. Work with your kitchen designer to see how different colors and materials will look together in your small kitchen.

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