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When it comes time to start a remodel, you might have all kinds of bathroom ideas near Seattle. Bathroom designs can make or break your home—especially if it’s on the small side—when you decide to sell your house and move elsewhere. There are only a few core fixtures and appliances that go into your bathroom design, so make sure you choose the best sink, vanity, toilet, and bathtub for your space. A claw foot tub might be a great addition to your bathroom, but you should do some thinking before you take the plunge. Read ahead if you think a claw foot tub might be right for your bathroom.

claw foot tub

You should consider both practicality and aesthetics when choosing a style of bathtub for your bathroom. You will want your bathtub to be sturdy and secure in its location, but it should also bring a certain type of cosmetic appeal to the space. Claw foot bathtubs are unique in that the tub itself stands above the ground rather than directly on top of it. They can also be a great choice if you are looking to create a modern design for your bathroom, and they’re often easy to clean.

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