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Comparing Your Options for Kitchen Cabinets

Comparing Your Options for Kitchen CabinetsYour kitchen cabinets serving Bellevue make for an important component of your overall kitchen design, so what do you do if you’re not happy with your current cabinetry? If your space could use a facelift, it might be time for a kitchen remodel. Since kitchen cabinets are so central to your overall design, you might be able to pull off a light remodel simply by switching them out. You can replace your old kitchen cabinets with new and improved custom versions, or you could go even lighter and just have them refaced. Even your hardware can make or break your cabinets’ appeal, so keep reading to compare your options for kitchen cabinets.

Custom Cabinetry

If you want your kitchen design to reflect your taste to the utmost degree, you might want to consider custom cabinetry. You will never find more unique cabinets for your kitchen than the ones that you customize yourself, and this option comes with a few practical benefits as well. You can be sure that your custom cabinets will fit your kitchen perfectly, maximizing your space, functionality, and efficiency. Your custom cabinets will also be designed with your existing kitchen design scheme in mind, so they will match your style just as snugly.

Cabinet Refacing

Just because you’re not looking for a full kitchen design overhaul doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a new aesthetic in your home. If you’re trying to keep the budget to a minimum during your kitchen remodel, then you might be interested in cabinet refacing. This is a more affordable alternative to installing brand new custom cabinetry, and it’s particularly appealing to those who only want to change the aesthetics of their cabinets. Cabinet refacing will keep the original cabinet intact, but it will change its appearance to suit your needs.

Hardware Options

In addition to the cabinets themselves, the hardware attached to them can substantially impact your kitchen design. From your utensil drawers to your china storage, your kitchen cabinets will influence the overall design of your space. Consider your options and choose cabinet hardware that feels comfortable and matches with your style.

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