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Return on investment, or ROI, is one of the most important factors to consider before undertaking a bathroom remodel near Bellevue. You can lose or make money on your bathroom remodel, so it is crucial to boost the ROI as much as possible. Here are a few remodeling options and bathroom ideas that can increase the ROI of your project:

Bathroom remodel

  • Bathroom vanities in a master bathroom should have two sinks, commonly known as “his and hers” sinks. Even if you live alone, this a great way to boost the ROI of a bathroom remodel. When you sell your home, it will gain a better value and appeal to couples.
  • Focus on your shower or bathtub. If you prefer to take showers, then upgrade your bathtub and shower combination with a large, walk-in shower. If you prefer bathtubs, then install a large, garden tub with the option of using a shower curtain.
  • Use materials that look attractive and will last for a long time. For example, a bathroom vanity with a granite or quartz countertop could last for decades, and it adds more style to your bathroom.

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