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Which Type of Lazy Susan Is Right for Your Kitchen in Bellevue, WA?

Which Type of Lazy Susan Is Right for Your Kitchen in Bellevue, WA?There are many amenities to add to your new kitchen design, such as a lazy susan rotating shelf. This extra storage space can take advantage of empty spaces and corners commonly found in different kitchen designs in Seattle. However, there are a few different lazy susans to choose from, such as a kidney shaped or full-round design. Continue reading for a brief description of each lazy susan option to help determine the right addition to your modern kitchen.

Kidney Shaped

This cabinet insert is a popular choice for the common 90-degree corner that usually holds empty space or awkward shelves. The kidney shaped susan can be installed into any cabinet, which makes it perfect when updating an older kitchen.


D-shaped lazy susans have a thin slice cut off one side of a full-round, so it looks like the letter D. This lazy susan design is best used in a wall cabinet space so the flat edge can sit flush with the cabinet door. Ensure that you have ample cabinet space for a D-shaped lazy susan installation.


Pie-cut lazy susans are similar in shape to the kidney shaped susan. A corner of the storage space is cut out so the lazy susan will fit into the 90-degree cabinet. This type of susan is usually installed with the kitchen cabinet door attached directly to the susan.


Full-round lazy susans are completely circular with full rotation. They can be usually be installed in diagonal corners. They can also be installed underneath the countertops or above, depending on your preference and the amount of cabinet space available.


Like the pie-cut lazy susan, the half-round susan is typically attached directly to the cabinet door. When the door is opened, the shelves will pivot and come out with the door. This type of susan is usually installed in a blink corner cabinet. Depending on your preference, there are some half-round installations that can pivot the shelves independently from the cabinet door.

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