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Your bathroom design in Bellevue should be a beautiful representation of you and how you wish to feel every time you enter your bathroom. If your bathroom is your tropical oasis, then use different ocean or island-themed bathroom ideas. If your bathroom is where you spend most of the morning getting ready for the day, then you may prefer a more energetic bathroom idea. No matter your preference, there are no wrong answers. Continue reading for a brief breakdown of different color schemes to see if one is right for you.

Bathroom design

A tropical oasis will generally use a blue, tan, and green color scheme. Tan is your neutral color, so it should be understated. Light blue would likely be your dominant color with sparks of bright green used in accents. For a more neutral color scheme, use white, dark brown, and chrome. A bold and unique color scheme can utilize purple, pink, and white bathroom tiles around your bathtub. No matter which color scheme you choose, consult with your bathroom designer on the best ways to utilize each color.

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