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Custom bathroom vanities are the perfect way to make your bathroom feel like the relaxing oasis it should be. As you remodel your bathroom with new features, a custom bathroom vanity in Bellevue should be handled with the help of a professional. Designing a custom vanity should take your entire bathroom into account to ensure the vanity will fit and the manufacturing materials will not incur damage. Continue reading for the common factors to keep in mind when designing a custom vanity.

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Your Custom Measurements

One of the most important factors that will impact your custom bathroom vanity are your custom measurements. Your measurements should be based upon your personal height—as well as others using the vanity—the amount of storage you want, and the size of your bathroom. Be realistic when it comes to your custom measurements because you risk adding a vanity that does not fit or looks out of place in your bathroom. It could also be too tall or too short to comfortably use. The manufacturer and installer can help you determine the appropriate measurements to fit you and your bathroom.

Your Future Resale

Whenever you install custom bathroom vanities or cabinets, you must consider a future resale of your home. You may not have current plans to sell, but it could come up eventually. Consider how a future homebuyer may respond to your custom vanity. If your vanity is much taller or shorter than pre-manufactured versions, then you risk lowering your resale value. Homebuyers are looking for measurements and designs that they can build upon, rather than a bathroom renovation meant only for one person or one family.

Your Preferred Materials

The materials you choose for your vanity could influence the future maintenance and look of your bathroom. For example, sealed granite countertops make great bathroom countertops, but tile and grout countertops might incur water damage or develop mold. Speak with your vanity manufacturer and remodeler to choose the best materials that meet your personal preferences and will hold up to daily bathroom life.

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