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Comparing Light and Dark Kitchen Cabinets in Bellevue, WA

Comparing Light and Dark Kitchen Cabinets in Bellevue, WADeciding between light and dark kitchen cabinets should take a few factors into consideration. Individual maintenance, resale value, and the atmosphere of either choice can change your decision about which cabinets to purchase. Here is a better look at the different comparisons between light and dark kitchen cabinets in Seattle:


Maintenance is an important issue concerning your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring. By keeping up with regular maintenance—such as daily wipe downs and stain cleanings—you can extend the life of your cabinets, whether they are light or dark in color. If you anticipate frequent stains or spatters occurring, then you may wish for dark cabinets over light. Dark kitchen cabinets usually hide stains, scratches, and touchups better than light-colored cabinets.


The type of atmosphere you want in your kitchen will largely depend on the colors of your kitchen countertops and cabinets. The darker you color your kitchen, then the smaller and more closed your kitchen will feel. However, bright, white cabinets can give off a sterile feeling. Look for a happy medium between light and dark colors with tan, beige, grey, or even a light cherry wood tone.

Resale Value

Whether you plan on selling your home in the future or not, you should keep resale values in mind when conducting kitchen remodels. Prospective homebuyers want to walk into an open and bright house; if your kitchen has dark cabinets, then you risk visually closing your kitchen. This could put off homebuyers or make them bid a lower selling price.


The cost of light and dark cabinets depends on different variables. Are the cabinets custom, pre-fabricated, painted, or stained? Each of these conditions can change the cost of your cabinets. For example, some stains can cost more than paints, but the cost may rely on the individual manufacturer. In the end, the cost may not matter as much as your personal preference between light and dark cabinets.

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