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Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions from Kitchen Plus in Bellevue, WA

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions from Kitchen Plus in Bellevue, WAKitchen Plus has always strived to create original and useful kitchen designs in Seattle. With these designs come helpful storage solutions to help clear away cluttered kitchens and create a more organized space to enjoy. Cabinet pull-outs, drawer inserts, and so much more are some easy and inventive ways to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Let’s look at some of these kitchen storage solutions from Kitchen Plus:

Cabinet Pull-Outs

If you have noticed that your cabinets have a lot of empty space even with your stored kitchen items, then you can benefit from various cabinet pull-outs. These kitchen cabinet additions can take advantage of that extra space and help you reduce the clutter around your kitchen. These pull-outs might include extra drawers, a space for trash and recycling bins, and other types of racks.

Drawer Inserts

In addition to adding kitchen cabinet pull-outs in the form of extra drawers, you can add inserts into those drawers. These inserts are the perfect way to customize and organize the various items that collect in your kitchen. Instead of having a junk drawer filled to the brim, you can use Kitchen Plus’s drawer inserts to create an organized and attractive drawer. These inserts can also hold cutlery, spices, and any other item that might disorganize your kitchen drawers.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans have long been a helpful addition to any kitchen design. They can hold a variety of items—such as spices, dishes, and containers—and every item is easily accessed through the device’s turning design. With Kitchen Plus, you can clear your kitchen countertops and install a Lazy Susan into one of your cabinets. Kitchen Plus offers many different designs to address your needs.

Custom Storage

There is no better way to complete your kitchen design than with custom storage options. With Kitchen Plus, you can create custom wine racks, dish drawers, and other helpful kitchen additions. Speak with your Kitchen Plus designer on the best custom storage solution to install in your kitchen.

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