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How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash in Bellevue, WA

How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash in Bellevue, WABacksplashes are often an overlooked area of kitchen design, but they is essential to creating a cohesive look. Selecting the perfect kitchen backsplash is similar to choosing your kitchen countertops near Bellevue; you must consider the designs, colors, and future maintenance. Here are some easy steps to help you select the perfect kitchen backsplash during your kitchen remodel:

Determine Your Design Placements

Part of creating the perfect kitchen backsplash also means creating a beautiful design. You may choose a uniform look throughout your kitchen, but consider mixing up your kitchen design with two well-placed patterns. In addition to your main backsplash that will run the course of your kitchen countertops, place matching designs above the oven range and kitchen sink. There are several materials that can achieve interesting and beautiful designs, such as glass tiles and decorated ceramic tiles.

Consider Your Future Maintenance

The best backsplash will beautify your kitchen design, but it should also stand up to the various chemicals, liquids, and foods that are typically found in a kitchen. When looking at different backsplash materials, consider the maintenance requirements of various kitchen countertop materials to help you choose. For example, granite and marble are beautiful and sturdy, but you likely need to reseal them against stains every year or so. Ceramic tiles are a durable choice that are easy to clean. Look at the many options you have available and their future maintenance requirements before choosing.

Play with Your Color Palette

You can visually expand your kitchen by placing the backsplash around the entire space. You can also mix up your backsplash look with differing colors and designs to break up the monotony that comes with the same patterns. Look at your overall kitchen design—the wall colors and furniture designs, for example—to help you choose complementary colors for your kitchen backsplash. Choose interesting and appealing colors and patterns that will add to your overall kitchen design.

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