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How to Choose a Kitchen Layout in Bellevue, WA

There are 6 basic designs that kitchen remodelers near Seattle typically help homeowners create. These designs include 1-wall, galley, L-shape, U-shape, island, and peninsula kitchens. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the size and shape of your current home and kitchen design. If you have been planning a future kitchen remodel, then consider the following ways to help you choose the right kitchen layout for your home.

How to Choose a Kitchen Layout in Bellevue, WA

Look at your current space.

When planning out your future kitchen design, you have to look at the space available to you. Not only must you consider the amount of available square footage, but you must also determine where current utility hookups and structural features are located. Any of these factors and more may determine the shape of your kitchen layout. For example, if you want to create a U-shaped kitchen, but you do not have a nearby third wall, then you will need a bigger kitchen remodel or to choose a different layout.

Consider the desired kitchen size.

In addition to knowing your space, you must know the size you need to create the kitchen design you want. If you have always wanted a large kitchen, complete with wide countertops and a kitchen island, then your kitchen remodelers needs to determine if you have the right amount of space available. You may need to make extensive remodels and extensions into other rooms to meet the required square footage needed for your kitchen design.

Determine your important features.

Another way to help you find the right kitchen layout is to determine the kitchen features that are important to you and your family. Do you want expansive countertops, large appliances, or wide cabinets? Do you not spend much time in the kitchen and would prefer to extend your nearby rooms? Once you look at how you and your family use your kitchen, you can better determine the right kitchen layout to suit your needs.

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