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Essential Components of a Revamped Bathroom

Essential Components of a Revamped Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a makeover is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, and at the same time make it more functional, attractive, and comfortable. As you plan out your bathroom remodel near Seattle, there are several important components to keep in mind.

Your new bathroom vanity is essential for both function and appearance. As you design this part of your bathroom, think about whether you want it to include open or closed storage, what type of countertop you’d like, and if you could benefit from dual sinks. At the same time, consider your new bathroom mirror and how you can coordinate it with the vanity.

As you continue to think about bathroom ideas, remember to factor in new cabinets and hardware pieces, and if you would like to add any additional storage. Finally, your new shower design plays a major role in a bathroom revamp, and for this part, you’ll need to decide on the tile, shower head, and door. If you want a bathtub, think about choosing one with Jacuzzi features to help get the most out of the remodel.

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