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Top Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom can easily become a space that collects everything you no longer need. Expired medications, old makeup, and forgotten hair and soap products all end up cluttering your bathroom soon enough. However, taking advantage of bathroom vanities and shelves can go a long way toward your bathroom organization. Consider some of these bathroom ideas near Bellevue to help you get started on organizing your bathroom.

Top Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Make use of your vanity.

If your bathroom does not have a vanity, or you have room for a bigger one, then it is time to invest in a nice bathroom vanity. Your entire bathroom can be transformed with a vanity and all it can hold. If you have an open vanity—one without drawers or cabinets—then you can still make use of the space by getting individual holders. These might be small glass canisters, tote bags, or a basket for towels. All of these items can go into your vanity, whether you have cabinets or not.

Install cabinet and drawer organizers.

For the bathroom vanities that already have cabinets and drawers, you may consider using organizational inserts. These are drawer inserts which can hold your small items, like cotton swabs, makeup brushes, or lotions. Other installable inserts might include drawers inside the cabinet. These might hold towels, a trash bin, or larger bathroom items. The options are virtually limitless when finding new ways to organize and store your bathroom items.

Take advantage of space.

The other key factor to remember during your bathroom organization plan is that you probably have a lot of available wall space. There are several bathroom designs that include bathroom cabinets or shelves on the walls. You might only want a medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror. If you need more space, though, consider adding shelves or glass-paneled cabinets over the toilet. This is a simple way to make your bathroom look more open while also providing you with sufficient space to use.

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