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How the Light Spectrum Affects the Colors in Your Room

When you’re picking out colors for your kitchen, it’s important to keep in mind that light can change the appearance of those colors. Depending on how much light a room gets throughout the day, the colors may alter significantly as the hours go by. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, keep these factors in mind:

Direction. Believe it or not, the direction that a room’s windows face affect the appearance of its colors. For example, if a room has an east-facing window, it will be flooded with sunlight in the morning but not in the evening; if a room has a west-facing window, the reverse will be true. If your room’s windows face south, they are likely to receive plenty of light all day long; if they face north, they will receive the most light in the middle of the day. Warm colors can help to brighten a north-facing room, but they can be excessive in a south-facing room; likewise, they can brighten a west-facing or east-facing room when they are not getting sunlight, but can be overwhelming when they are.

Lightbulb. The type of lightbulb you use also affects the appearance of the colors in a room, and can make a subtle shade appear bright and vivid—or vice versa. Fluorescent bulbs are best for enhancing the appearance of cooler colors such as blue, while incandescent bulbs work best for warm colors such as red and orange. LED lights tend to make all colors look bold and clear. CFL lights and halogen lamps produce a soft light that produces a very similar effect to that of daylight.

If possible, get samples of your materials you can bring into your home. Put them in the room you are remodeling for a few days. Lay countertop or flooring samples flat and wall materials on edge, how they would sit in the finished room. This will help you get a good feel for how those colors will look in your home throughout the day. It’s smart to do some quick planning before embarking on your remodeling project to ensure that you get the colors you want for your kitchen.

How the Light Spectrum Affects the Colors in Your Room

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