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Choosing the Right Kitchen Design for Your Home

When considering kitchen design ideas near Bellevue, the available styles, layouts, colors, and materials can seem overwhelming. Before you begin rifling through magazines and trying desperately to narrow your choices, use the following guidelines to get a stress-free start for your new kitchen design.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Design for Your Home

Create Your Home’s Style

Kitchens take a significant investment to remodel, so it’s vital to choose a design theme that flows with the rest of your home’s interior. Begin by giving each of the main rooms in your home a thorough assessment, taking note of the colors, structural design, and materials, and use this as a foundation for choosing the elements of your new kitchen. Typical kitchen design themes include traditional, modern, minimalist, contemporary, and country.

Consider Your Kitchen’s Layout

Your current kitchen design will play a significant role in your new one unless you plan to tear everything out and begin with a blank slate. When starting fresh, be mindful of countertop lengths, cupboard height and storage capacity, and an efficient work triangle. A few popular kitchen layouts include:

  • One-wall. These kitchens are ideal for lofts and studios because the cabinets and appliances are fixed to a single wall, saving space and promoting accessibility.
  • Galley style. Also excellent for small spaces, these kitchens utilize two opposite facing walls and maximize your usable space.
  • L-Shape. This design is best for making the most of a corner space and can work well for small and medium-sized areas. L-shaped kitchens reduce foot traffic through the kitchen and can work well for households with children or multiple cooks.
  • Island. Featuring highly-functional kitchen islands, this kitchen layout works best for medium or large spaces. Kitchen islands in this layout are commonly built to include storage and house appliances.

Look at Your Kitchen’s Features

Once you’ve narrowed down your style and layout, dig into the specific materials by selecting your cabinetry, and build the rest of your kitchen design from there. Ultimately, you want your kitchen remodel to serve your family for the rest of your time in your home, so lean toward timeless design features that offer optimal function and storage.

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