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What Are the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials?

Your kitchen remodel near Bellevue will not be complete without a beautiful kitchen countertop. Your kitchen experience can benefit from a variety of countertop materials from the inexpensive laminates to the more luxurious quartz. Here is a list of popular countertop materials for your convenience:

What Are the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials?


As long as granite has been sealed well—and continues to be sealed about once or twice a year—it will be one of the most durable, and popular, choices for your kitchen countertops. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors, and every slab you purchase will be different. If you are looking for an adventure designing your kitchen, granite would be a great choice.


Soapstone is a naturally non- porous material that is very resistant to acidic foods and chemicals. It is also very heat resistant so it is also a perfect material for fireplaces. Soapstone is a softer material, so it is less brittle than granite or quartz, but it will scratch easier as well.


Quartz will be one of the strongest, yet still customizable, materials you can find. Quartz will resist staining and scratching without the need for sealing. Quartz comes in a variety of styles to fit almost any design.


If you are looking for a happy medium between sturdy and inexpensive, tile is the way to go. Ceramic and stone will resist scratching and staining, as long as they are maintained. Be careful of staining the grout, and tile will be a great addition to your kitchen remodel.


Laminate kitchen countertops are a very viable choice, especially for the homeowner wishing for more variety. Since laminate is made from a plastic composite, it can be made in virtually any finish, style, or color. It is not a very durable countertop material; if you plan on using your kitchen often, you may want to consider a different material.


If you’re looking for a classic option for your kitchen, reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, marble countertops will be the way to go. Keep in mind, though, that marble is a soft stone, so it will scratch or stain if not properly cared for and maintained.

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