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Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Tips for Planning a Kitchen RemodelIf you’re planning a kitchen remodel near Bellevue, you’ll be deciding on everything from appliances and kitchen cabinets, to lighting and flooring. Proper planning is the secret to a successful, and frustration-free kitchen remodel. Be prepared to have every design decision made before the work begins and once you have a plan, it’s important that you stick to it to save yourself both time and money. Here are a few tips for planning your kitchen remodel:

Create Walkways

One of the best benefits that can come from a kitchen remodel is improved functionality. A poor layout can make even a large kitchen difficult for more than one person to use at once. Focus on creating wide walkways that make it easy to get both in and out of the kitchen when there are at least two people cooking. Walkways should be a minimum of 36 inches wide, and 48 inches is recommended for areas where more than one cook might work.

Consider Islands

Kitchen islands can help make your cooking space highly-functional, adding an area for eat-in seating, cooking prep, and small appliances. Islands can be designed to provide extra storage underneath the countertop, room for people to sit comfortably and eat, or both if big enough. It’s vital to know exactly what plan to use your kitchen island for so you can select the right height, size, and design for its function.

Think About Cooking

Kitchens with plenty of counter space are essential if you plan to cook frequently. If cooking is a family event in your home, consider choosing multi-level countertops so your children can help as well. When planning the kitchen layout, bear in mind that having countertops on either side of your cooktop and near the microwave can add significant culinary convenience. Besides counter space, kitchens that will see heavy-duty cooking can also benefit from double appliances. A pair of dishwashers will help prevent dishes from ever piling up, and a second microwave adds convenience for larger families.

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