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A Look at Some Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

A Look at Some Modern Kitchen Design IdeasThe modern style aesthetic is a popular choice for kitchen designs in Bellevue not only because of its stylish appearance but also because of the high-functionality it offers. Structured with clean lines and simple surfaces, a modern kitchen design includes little in the way of fuss or frills. Together, these characteristics create an illusion of greater space and can instantly update your home.

Sleek Structure

The modern kitchen is built with hard edges, straight lines, and structured shapes. Select kitchen countertops that feature blocked corners rather than rounded. To soften these colors and textures while retaining a modern look, choose glass for your sink’s backsplash or the light fixtures. Your choice of cabinetry can be the most modern element in your new kitchen. Select simple, straight-edged cabinets and doors that feature stainless steel hardware. Opting for full-height cabinets will give the illusion of a higher ceiling while providing more storage space.


Modern kitchen design is particularly practical for small or narrow kitchens. Cutting down your decorative elements to a minimum will keep your kitchen cleaner and will free up more counter space as well. A modern kitchen should be as clutter-free as possible, so select small appliance models that can be stored in cupboards or fitted into the cabinetry. For seating, consider backless barstools with leather cushioning to reduce visual clutter, or go with Lucite chairs for an ultra-clean color-scheme. Forgo pendant lights and replace these with recessed lighting to open up the view of your kitchen.

Neutral Palette

To tie the look of your modern kitchen together, select neutral colors that connect and create a monochromatic scheme. Black and white are go-to options for this design style, but any neutral palette can help create a modern space. If you hesitate at the idea of a color-free kitchen, consider adding splashes of bold, dramatic hues such as crimson or cobalt. Incorporate these shots of color into a bright backsplash or an accent wall.

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