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This Year’s Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are quickly becoming rooms of luxury and style in many homes! Bathroom remodeling projects are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.. You can add elegance and more to your home with a stunning new bathroom. When remodeling your bathroom, consider this year’s trends in bathroom design in Seattle. This article will highlight some of the most popular touches that are being added to bathrooms this year.

Tub Trends

The days of a bathtub shower combination are in the past. New bathroom remodels are all about the stand-alone bathtub, if there even is a tub. Many new bathrooms focus only on the shower. Deluxe showers with multiple showerheads offer a number of different settings to customize your shower experience. Larger showers commonly feature rain showerheads and handheld nozzles. When space allows for it, many people are opting for larger, stand-alone soaking tubs. Large basin tubs are becoming more popular than whirlpool bathtubs have been in previous years. Claw foot tubs offer an antique touch that provides a visually stunning contrast to today’s modern style of bathroom.

Tile Styles

Larger bathroom tiles are in style this year. Especially tiles that are not perfectly square—instead homeowners are opting for more dramatic rectangular tiles. Showers lined with classic white subway tiles are also increasingly popular in bathroom remodels.

Color Chic

This year, shades of gray are the top choice in bathroom color. Gray provides an excellent pairing for white bathroom fixtures, and matches most tile choices. Gray colors add to the modern sleek look that is in style for remodels this year. Even though it is the trend this year, it is still a classic look that will not leave you with a bathroom that feels dated after a few years.

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