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Matching Your Kitchen Cabinet and Countertops

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen cabinets or doing a full kitchen remodel in Seattle, it is important to match your cabinets and your countertops. Both kitchen countertops and cabinets come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles. By selecting options of each that do not complement one another, the end result will be a kitchen that looks unfinished or incomplete.

For most people who are redesigning their kitchen, it is best to start with selecting your countertop and matching everything else—cabinets especially—to the countertop. By choosing your countertop first, you are then able to use the colors present within the stone to utilize in the other components of your remodel. Quartz and granite countertops contain such a wide variety of colors, so it will make it much easier to pick out complimentary flooring, backsplash, and cabinetry to give your kitchen a polished, cohesive look. For ideas on how to create complimentary color pallets for your remodel, you can use our “Color Palette Wednesdays” blog posts to brainstorm ideas.

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