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Tips for Researching Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel

Before you embark on a large home project such as a kitchen remodel in Bellevue, you should do some preliminary research to decide the scope of your project. If your home is newer, you can probably update your kitchen with just a few small projects, such as a new backsplash. If you own an older home, however, you may wish to undertake a more extensive remodeling project. The guide below will help you get started.

Small Remodels

If you are happy with the size and layout of your kitchen, but you are bored with the look, there are a few smaller projects you can do to freshen it up. Cabinet refacing, where your existing kitchen cabinet doors and hardware are replaced with new ones, is a relatively small project that has a big visual impact. You can also add a backsplash to create visual interest and add a modern touch.

Mid-Range Projects

If you don’t have enough storage space, you can opt for a complete kitchen cabinet replacement. Unlike refacing, cabinet replacement involves completely tearing out the existing kitchen cabinetry. This allows you to add more storage space, and make room for different appliances. You can also add an island for extra counter space. As long as the island doesn’t have a sink and doesn’t require extra plumbing, this is still a mid-range project. Depending the type of material you choose, replacing your kitchen countertops can also be a mid-range project.

Full Kitchen Remodels

Older kitchen designs, such as galley kitchens, are often completely separate from the rest of the home and don’t offer as much workspace as a modern homeowner wants. If your home’s kitchen is outdated, you might wish to opt for a complete remodel, which can include knocking down a wall to create an open floor plan, changing plumbing to reposition the sink and the refrigerator. A full remodel can also involve replacing the floor with new tiles and even building a new island or breakfast bar from scratch.

Additional Information

While contacting Bellevue contractors who specialize in kitchen remodels will lead you to secure the most accurate price information for an upcoming project, online tools will lead you down the right path and give you a general idea of what to expect. For instance, Houzz offers a free interactive map with general price ranges, filterable by zip codes and project types. You can utilize this resource to compare kitchen remodeling costs, products and professional guides to ensure you are armed with the proper information when you are ready to improve your home.

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