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The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

Much like clothing trends, kitchen design goes in and out of fashion. If your kitchen fixtures are starting to seem old or outdated, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodeling project will allow you to incorporate some of the latest kitchen trends, while also staying true to the style of your home. A highly rated company offering kitchen renovation in Bellevue can provide you with more information about the kitchen trends that are hot this year. From your kitchen cabinets to your countertops, there are many areas of your kitchen that can be updated to reflect the tastes of today. Read on to preview some of the latest trends in kitchen design.


Neutral Colors
Neutral colors are very popular in today’s kitchens. When you are planning a kitchen remodel , you may want to incorporate shades of white, beige, and grey. These colors can be accented with bolder hues to create a stunning style statement. Your cabinets, walls, and countertops are all great areas to use neutral colors.

Bold Fixtures
Bold fixtures are also showing up in many modern kitchens. For example, you may want to include statement lighting in your kitchen. With an eye-catching lighting piece such as a chandelier, you will create visual interest in your kitchen. You can also go bold and choose a kitchen sink or refrigerator that has been crafted in a bright or unusual color. By thinking outside of the box, you will create a unique appeal for your new kitchen.

Versatile Storage
Utility is as important as style in today’s kitchens. When you are designing your kitchen remodel, you may want to create custom cabinets that offer versatile storage options. By creating plenty of areas to store your cookware, dishes, and more, you can get the most function out of your new kitchen. A kitchen remodeling company can help you design the right custom cabinets for your stylish kitchen.

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