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Design Ideas for a Sparkling White Bathroom in Bellevue, WA

While a wide array of colors arranged in different patterns may be one individual’s idea of a great kitchen or bathroom renovation in Bellevue, some people prefer a simpler style. These folks may enjoy a residential renovation involving exclusively shades, or perhaps neutral colors accenting their blacks and whites. If this sounds like your type of bathroom design, keep reading for a few design ideas for a sparkling white bathroom.

Mixing Textures
If you are all about the clean and simple shade of white, you may be interested in learning about a creative way to coat your bathroom in this shade exclusively. You can get away with having a bathroom with white walls, windows, cabinets, and showers all at the same time by experimenting with texture. A white or off-white carpet can break up a sea of white walls, while a bathroom countertop of white natural stone can add a visual focal point . Bathroom lighting can also help you pull of an exclusively white bathroom by creating shadows and accents.

A winter wonderland of a bathroom may please those who live for the empty canvas, but people who want their whites to really pop may choose a slightly different route. Consider using contrast to accentuate your whites and make them look as bright as possible. Black cabinets, dark flooring, or a small black area rug will help your whites stand out so you can achieve the bright, clean look you are looking for.

Optical Space
Optical illusions are more than just a fun way to trick your mind; they can also change the atmosphere of a room, and your perspective along with it. You can use optical illusions to your advantage in your bathroom remodel by installing plenty of mirrors. Mirrors help to open up the space and make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is. In addition to adding more volume to the space, mirrors can be used to make the most of your textures, contrast, or colors. If you decide to include a few colorful items to stand out within your white bathroom, these colors will be reflected via the mirrors.

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